Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yummy Coffee at the South Street Seaport this summer

hello all,

we will be selling fresh roasted coffee for autism once again,
although this time on a more regular basis. we will be taking a small
space where we can sell coffee whole bean and pour samples to
customers that visit the south street seaport market in nyc.

if anyone out there has a spare moment and would like to
sell some delicious coffee for a cause we're accepting volunteer
applications ;).

check out our web site,, or ny mag's 'grub street'
blog for more details:

thanks for your support.

all our best from nyc,
john, jacquie, and max

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dr Seuss Game - I Gan Do That

We absolutely love the Dr Seuss Series game called, I can do that! This game is great for kids on the autism spectrum. Simple sequenced cards, (1,2,3) have actions with objects (from the story) and directions centered around a trick a ma stick that is so flimsy that it makes the game even more silly. The theme is centered around the Dr Seuess story 'The Cat in The Hat'. So for example you have to take four giant steps with put fish on your head. The game involves great visuals, sequencing and is really a challenge in motor planning several actions in a row. And then you yell out, "I Can Do That!" It has really been great fun as well as challenging. Enjoy!